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Telecom 95, Geneva

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Telecom 95, Geneva, Switzerland

Having seen the first “Street Painting Festival” in Orlando, Florida, an advertising agency called upon my partner Richard Sznerch, and me to carry out this same task during their convention as a “crowd pleaser.”  We (Richard and I) had to find the artist’s, develop the image, ship the materials and decide the surface.  Normally, street painting or chalking is done on the concrete or asphalt.  Since we could not depend on the type of surface we would find upon arrival, we decided to bring our own.  We prepared the boards with something to grab the chalk then had to crate it overseas.  It had to proceed throughout the ten days of convention and be completed by the last day.  Pictured is the team of four. Starting left is Christine Peloquin, myself, Kathy Storm and Rich in front. Finished size is 32ft x 20ft.  We had a great time.