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Murals can make a business distinctive among other buildings, identifiable to find, a landmark in the community as exterior art.  Inside it gives ambience and projects an atmosphere as interior art.  
Murals are not just a casual happening.  They take some effort and for that reason they are usually custom artwork.  Most often people know what they want.  I have followed a chosen image, designed an image around an idea and even filled in a blank. I have made my murals into two categories.

 These always require a careful examination of the wall (or other surface) to be sure it is in stable condition.  The products used and the care taken to do the work wonít matter if the footing is bad.  Works open to the weather requires the direct paint method.  This is just what it implies, painting directly on the surface.  There are a number of excellent products available including clear coat protection against weather and the sun.  It also makes my work day subject to the weather conditions, daylight hours and, of course, I must be there, on site for application.

These murals have two options: direct paint and application.  Direct paint, is as I described above.  Application is painting on a canvas at my studio and installing that canvas at the site.  This only works for indoor murals because it requires a controlled atmosphere.  It is also a controlled work atmosphere and work site.  In my studio all tools, paints and brushes donít have to be stored away at the end of each day.  I have all hours of access and am not trying to avoid paint on someoneís carpet.  I am in my own town and do not need living accommodations while I am on the job.  This is especially useful for a place of business because there is no disruption to their process.  One day there is suddenly a mural.